Testogen Review- The Ugly truth about Testogen!

Testogen any good for testosterone boost? Taking supplements can be risky at times. You don’t want any side effects or harmful chemicals affecting your body. 

Hence you should know which one is the best supplement in the market. You want something that will give you the best results with no negative effects. That is why we are here today. 

In this article, we are going to share the Testogen review. It is a supplement that claims to increase testosterone in your body. But how well does it work?

We are going to share how it is effective and why you should choose this product to boost your hormone. So, it makes it easier for you to compare supplements and decide which one you want for yourself. 

Testogen Review




Testogen gets an overall rating of 4.6. It is one of the best testosterone boosting supplement in the market.


How Testogen affects your testosterone level in blood?

In the year 2000, some players were tested with the supplement for results. A control group was given placebo the inactive medicine to show that the effects are valid. 

After giving them the medicine for 8 weeks, it was seen that the group with Testosterone supplement has increased the level of testosterone in the blood by 32.44 percent, while the control placebo group has raised testosterone level by 10.52 percent.

However, the study also shows that the testosterone level is related to regular exercise as well. 

How you take the testosterone also affects how fast it will dissolve in the bloodstream. The Testogen is the study that was taken through pills, but the Testogen in the market is taken under the tongue. It mixes with the blood really fast and has a direct effect on your body. 

What does Testogen do in your body?

There are many ways you can increase testosterone in your body by using various means. You can take it as pills, injections, capsules, etc.

By taking testosterone supplements you can develop muscles, increase stamina, enhance sex life, and more. Testogen is cheaper than other types of hormone supplements and they are better in many aspects. 

One of the best parts about it is it does not have any side effects. Additionally, you don’t need a prescription to get this supplement

So, you don’t have to visit a doctor or go through an embarrassing situation to get it on your hand or other unnatural way. You can completely hide the fact that you are taking testosterone supplements and improve your daily life.

Testogen Review

Do you need really need Testogen?

In the male body, testosterone can be produced naturally. It is produced in the testicles and it is responsible for sexual growth that is noticed during puberty. 

The body will continue to release this hormone from youth to middle age. After reaching 60, the hormone concentration reduces with time or even early for some people. It all depends on your lifestyle like what you eat or level of exercise you do to maximise your body natural way of producing more testosterone. Low level of testosterone can have the following effects on the body;

  • Making erection difficult
  • Lowers sex drive
  • Loss of hair
  • Fatigue
  • blood count reduces
  • Decreases the size of testicles
  • Memory loss
  • A rise in body fats
  • Loss of muscles
  • Lower semen production
  • Mood swings

However, by taking Testogen supplement you can make sure that the testosterone levels remain constant.

What are the benefits of using a Testogen?

As you can see, there are many benefits you can get from the supplement. But why should you take Testogen in the first place? 

Here are some reasons why Testogen is the right supplement for enhancing hormonal levels in the blood;

  • It helps in building muscles– If you want to build muscles, taking a Testogen supplement is a good idea. You may also try regular exercise to boost your muscles, but with the help of supplements, you can improve it hree times faster.
  • Improve your sex life– By taking Testogen, you can increase the sex hormones in your body. It leads to better sex drive, activity, erection, desire. Overall, it enhances your sex life. 
  • It makes you look younger-One of the main reasons you feel older is that the testosterone level in your blood lowers each year naturally. However, if you take supplements it will raise the hormone level in your blood. As a result, it will make you feel and look younger than before. 
  • Boost your energy- Another important reason for taking Testogen is it gives you strength. You feel more energetic than usual after taking the supplement. Hence you can work out better. you have enough energy to spend quality time with your close ones. 
  • Burn excess fat- The additional hormone in your blood helps you to burn fat and produce more energy. Hence you will look better than before once you start taking the supplements. 
  • Get better sleep- Since the hormone brings about many changes in the body. Your body remains fit, you can sleep better once you start taking the supplements. 
  • Don’t feel tired easily- The Testogen changes a lot of body processes. You will have more stamina as it burns fat out of your system. 
  • It also helps to get rid of fatigue- After taking the supplements, you will feel more lively and energetic throughout the day. 
  • You can focus better – If you face trouble concentrating, try focusing on something after taking the supplements. The Testogen makes it easier to concentrate and finish activities with accuracy. It raises your confidence level, which in turn enhances your performances. 
  • Increase endurance- Once you start taking supplements you will notice you are more active than usual. You can lift heavier weights, run faster, jump higher. As you are more energetic, it is possible for you to take on more physical challenges. You will be more sporty than before. 

Is Testogen safe? What are the ingredients in testogen?

Testogen is made of natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about side effects. It consists mainly of

  • Zinc- It is a essential mineral for producing your body sperm count.
  • Magnesium- It is important for helping body produce testosterone and help your body relax.
  • Vitamin-B6- Deficiency of this vitamin is linked with low mood and fatigue. It plays a vital role in your body to produce energy.
  • Vitamin-D- Also known as the sunshine vitamin, research shows that it increases body testosterone levels.
  • D-Aspartic Acid- one of the most researched amino acid which showed it could enhance the production of testosterone by 40% in only some weeks of taking it.
  • Bioperine- extracted from black pepper, this helps the body absorb the available ingredients of this supplement.
  • Fenugreek- it helps the body fight harmful free radicals and improve vitality and body strength.
  • Red Ginseng Extract- this particular ginseng is very potent and helps with erection increase your libido.
  • Stinging nettle extract- binds to SHBG(Sex hormone-binding globulin) which increases blood circulation and helps to increase vitality.
  • Boron- Study on boron showed that it decreases the body estrogen and improve testosterone production upto 28%.

Pros and cons of Testogen


  • It is made ouf of natrual ingredients.
  • Improved workouts after taking the supplement.
  • Does not have any harmful side effects
  • Improves level of well being and sex drive.


  • You have to be strict about taking them regularly
  • Buying in a bundle is more cheaper than buying single bottle.

Before and After

testogen results

Testogen Prices

testogen price

Testogen comes in 120 capsules in a bottle which costs $59.99 for a month supply. If you buy 2 months supply, you will get 3 months supply for the price of two which is $119.99. But for the best value you can get 5 months supply for the price of 3 which is $179.99.

testogen offers
Testogen Supplement
Testo Drops

D-Aspartic Acid
Vitamin D3
Nettle Leaf Extract
Korean Red Ginseng Extract
Fenugreek Extract
Vitamin K1
Vitamin B6
Horny goat weed
Brazilian Ginseng
Vitamin D
120 Capsules per bottle60ml or 2.11 fluid Ounces (fl oz)
59.99$ per bottle 34.99$ per bottle
Oral capsulesOral drops

Final words

If you are looking to increase your level of testosterone, Testogen is one of the best supplments in the market you can buy. It has got all the highly researched ingredients which has been studied extensively that shows taking them benefits the production of natural testosterone in the body. Although keep in mind that you should take the supplement as instructed and get some exercise as well. It makes the supplement most effective.

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