Best Homeopathic Treatments for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a hearing condition in which a person hears noises even when there is no external sound. This condition can affect one or both ears, and the affected individual perceive symptoms like changes in the volume, pitch, direction and the type of the sounds. Also, they can experience other symptoms such as difficulty in hearing, discharges from the ears and heaviness. 

Tinnitus is a severe complication, and though one may brush it as a temporary condition, it will affect your hearing and subsequently quality of life. Therefore, you should seek help as soon as find yourself stressed, anxious, or have challenges when concentrating when hearing sounds. According to a report by Hearing Review, this condition affects about 70 million Americans each year which is twice the figure for those with hearing loss. Tinnitus is also affecting thousands of new Americans every day, and many fail to seek treatment. There is no specific cause but doctors have attributed it to the exposure to loud noises and acoustic shock that your body is not accustomed to.

Top Five Homeopathic Treatments for Tinnitus

1. Kali Mur- Top Grade Natural Medicine for Tinnitus

This is the top treatment for someone with tinnitus if there is much buildup or discharge of mucus in the nose or throat. Also, this medicine is ideal for those who have a history of otorrhea. It’s common to hear pop and crackle sounds when suffering from tinnitus, and may even get worse when you swallow food. It’s also possible to get deaf if you’re suffering from ear catarrh. 

2. Natrum Salicylicum- For Vertigo and Tinnitus

Besides being useful in the treatment of Vertigo, Natrum Salicylicum helps to treat tinnitus that results from Meniere disease. This disease comes with some symptoms such as hearing loss, virtual noises in your ear and vertigo. You will hear these sounds frequently, and most are in low tones. Also, if you sit up or rise in bed, then the noises will worsen. However, you will get instant relief if you lie down. You will find this homoeopathic treatment best for tinnitus and vertigo. 

3. Calcarea carbonica

 Calcarea carbonica is ideal for those who are suffering from tinnitus disease and with vertigo. These patients usually experience hearing challenges, pulsing and cracking sensations even without external sounds. They also crave sweets, quickly tire, and they may feel anxious or overwhelmed when feeling ill.

4. Lycopodium

If suffering from lycopodium, you will regularly hear some roaring and humming sounds in your ears and suffer from hearing impairment. If that happens, you should use lycopodium. It’s also ideal for those with discharges in their ear and those with urinary tract and digestive issues.

This remedy will help you solve ringing in your ears when experiencing flu and any other conditions that involve nausea and vertigo. The symptoms can even be worse at night as you may faint or get an extremely cold craving for moving air.

5. China or Cinchona officinalis

 Cinchona officinalis or China as is commonly referred to, is ideal for people who feel weak, nervous, sensitive, touchy and are sensitive to tinnitus and noise. You should use it if you lose fluids through diarrhoea, vomiting, surgery, heavy sweating and any other condition that involves the loss of blood.

6. Graphites Naturalis

Graphites Naturalis is ideal for those people who are hearing buzzing and hissing sounds. It’s also used to treat somatic tinnitus due to worsening of tinnitus symptoms caused by head and jaw movements. Here, patients mainly hear buzzing, hissing, roaring and whistling sounds or at times, cracking sounds. They may also feel their ears are stuffed and dry, and when that happens, they should get Graphites Naturalis medicine.

7. Chininum Sulph

Well, if a patient hears some ringing sounds in their ears, then they should take Chininum Sulph. This is also ideal for other types of sounds such as ringing, buzzing and roaring. And if suffering from declining hearing ability and vertigo, then they should get this medicine. Other times, they may experience severe headaches. This medicine is also the best homoeopathic remedy for those suffering from Meniere’s disease.

Homoeopathy has been very useful in treating tinnitus and other ear problems. These natural medicines in Homeopathic treatment hasten the healing property of the body, ensuring your ear heals faster plus your entire body.

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