How to make home-made hand sanitiser

How to make home-made hand sanitiser

Before we start, the rule of thump is normal hand wash liquid or soap will do just fine to clean your hands as long as you properly clean it at least for 30 seconds so it is important to wash your hands correctly which most people don’t do it.

It does not matter if the water is hot or cold while washing your hand unless you put your hand on hot boiling water which no one should ever do.

Our body’s immune defence is working 24/7 to fight off any incoming pathogens. We should always be aware of our hands and most importantly our hygiene.

We touch our face on average of 17 times an hour! which we don’t really pay attention. In that hour, our hands not only touch our face but all the other surfaces which may be full of viruses and bacteria.

Therefore it is very important for all of us to wash our hands regularly and use hand sanitiser properly to protect and prevent catching any diseases and contact borne illness.

Things you need to get for making homemade hand sanitiser

Home made hand sanitiser ingredients
Home made hand sanitiser ingredients
  1. Isopropyl alcohol (99 percent alcohol)
  2. Aloe vera gel or vegetable glycerine
  3. Tea tree oil or other antimicrobial essential oils
  4. Portable refillable bottle (size depending on how much sanitizer you are making)


To get started mix 3 parts of isopropyl with 1 parts of aloe vera gel or vegetable glycerine and to give it a nice smell you add few drops of tea tree oil and mix it gently.

 Then either get a funnel or if you are very good with your hands pour the mix into the refillable bottle.

There you go, you have yourself a hand sanitiser to kill any germs or bacteria in your hands.

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