How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

The purpose of this article is to give you clear understanding about the role of testosterone and how to optimise it in your life to achieve better health, immune system, vitality and strength.

After you finish reading this article to end, you will have clear understanding on how you can naturally increase testosterone by using food, diet, exercise and helpful healthy habits.

Testosterone is often associated with anger and other nonsense that gives it a bad rep. Misconception like these are still hoovering in people’s mind! But it is not true.

It is only when people abuse artificially created synthetic testosterone hormone which causes all the harmful side effects like anger issues, growth of breasts, depression, shrinking of testicles to name a few.

Having optimum level of testosterone will help you gain muscle, recover from hard workouts and lose body fat. It not only make you feel strong but also keeps you calm and focused.

Have you ever noticed people from the past always looked like real man compared to today’s modern man? If we think about the past we don’t really see the stagnant life we currently are in.

Today’s society is overcrowded with technologies and systematic food production which has increased our quality of life but also destroyed it at the same time.

Testosterone is one of the main hormone responsible for the proper developoment of manly features in male. It gives us men the traits such as deep voice, facial hair, bigger bone mass and bigger muscles compared to our female counterpart.

Modern men are more than ever deficient on testosterone due to several factors. The main factors are unhealthy diet, low level of bodily acitvity and high reliance on technologies. Hence we see and experience low sexual desire and performance due these factors.

Middle age and old age is often asscoiated with “dad bod” and “grumpy men”. It does not have to be this way.

We can easily maintain and age gracefully by following proper diet and exercise.

What is the sign of low testosterone?

Having low testosterone affects your body and your mental well being.

  • Reduced energy levels- You will feel ups and downs through out the day where you feel extremely fatigued.
  • Low mood- You might feel mood swings out of nowhere and feel irritated with things and people around you.
  • Loss of Libido and having erectile dysfunction- The sex drive will disappear over the period of time when affected by low testosterone. Getting it up also becomes very hard which leads to taking pills and other B.S supplements. P.S (Generally getting daily erection is a good sign optimal testosterone levels.)
  • Loss of Muscle MassT is required for the development of muslce in the body. Low testosterone is directly linked with reduced muscle mass.

These are few of the symptoms. If you have all of them and for a long period of time, then I suggest you take a testosterone level check from the doctor or homekit online services.

Why is Testosterone important?

Testosterone is part of man’s life journey. It affects everything to do with bodily function such as development of adult male from a child. It is more apparent in young teenager who is going through lot of changes within the body.

Just after the fetus is conceived, testosterone begins its role. After some week of conception the boy testicles forms and marks the beginning of the male traits such as formation of males genitals.

Androgen syndrome

When the male reach puberty, the brain tells the testicles to start producing more testosterone. It causes the body to start growth of body and genital hair, enlongation of bone mass, increased muscle mass and height growth. Also growth of penis and scrotum.

The level of T starts to decline naturally as we age and become older. But sudden decline of testosterone might abrupt and cause problem in your life.

Benefits of testosterone hormone

There are many benefits of having good levels of T in your body. I will list the important ones below

  • Burns fat thus decreasing waist line.
  • Makes you feel active and energetic.
  • Increased libido.
  • More muscle mass and stamina.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Improved mood and calmness.

And lets not forget the confidence that you get from within.

Lose body fat to increase testosterone

Having excess body fat will greatly impact your T levels so getting into a exercise regime or even starting a good diet will get you back on track to a heatlhy level.

Sugar, salt and fats are the main ingredients of today’s diet. It is found in mostly everything packaged commercially. Always read the label to find out the ingredients and be mindful of high content of things that make our body unhealthy. Opting for fresh produce is a simple way of getting important nutrients.

Things to drink in moderation or limit

  • Soda with high sugar content
  • Processed fruit juice.
  • Any other drink high in sugar. (Even healthy fruit smoothie can have high sugar content)

Intermittent Fasting

Non-obese men who followed the fasting regime for a short period showed an overall 180% increase in testosterone. (1)

This just shows the power of what fasting can do. Fasting has been shown to greatly help the body.

Benefits of intermittent fasting

  • Cell repair is accelerated and excretion of waste at cellular level. (2)
  • Human growth hormone increases up to 5 times which build muscle and burn fat. (3)
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation within your body. Inflammation is a major cause of many diseases. (4)

Which foods increase testosterone the most?

Below are some of the food that increases testosterone by 52 percent and more.

  • Tuna and Salmon– These fish are high in vitamin D and omega oils which are the key catalyst for Testosterone production. They are also great source of protein.
  • Eggs– It is considered one of the best super food for overall health and well being. Cholesterol and Vit D in eggs are needed by your body to improve T levels. Always make sure to get organic or free range eggs. Local farmers are the great source of quality eggs.
  • Almonds, Walnuts,Brazilian nuts and pumpkin seeds– These are some of the best source of important minerals. Zinc, magnesium and selenium are one of the main minerals to boost Testosterone.
  • Garlic– It is one of the best flavour enhancer of our food. Ma Study done on mice shows that it dramatically boost T level significantly after garlic supplementation. (7)

Herbs that you can supplement to increase testosterone naturally

There are recorded number of herbs that has been shown to boost the T level when consumed. The recommend dosage and length of time to be taken should always be consulted. Herbs not only help with raising testosterone level but also overall well being and improve mental sharpness.

Below are the list of her that you can take that has been studied and found to improve testosterone level in your body.

  • Ginseng is the root of the plant which has been consumed for hundreds of years mainly to improve sexual funtion and physical endruance. The correct dosage can not only improve your erection but also fix and improve your T level. The general dosage of 400-600mg is recommended for average individual. Ginseng can be supplement with either capsule, powder or tea form. Always look for the best quality ginseng. Korean red ginseng is one of the best for improving overall health and boosting T level.
  • Horney Goat Weed is as the name suggest. There is a story of a shepard when his goats consumed the plant, they started showing more than usual mating behavior. It is used for improving erectile dysfuntion in men.
  • Ashwangandha has been a popular choice for many people for stress and anxiety relief. Studies shows that the herb can also boost T levels and strength (increased muscle mass) by taking it regularly. (5)
  • Tribulus Terrestris is another herb used for overall health. It is mainly used for increasing libido and energy.

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly Through Exercise

You don’t need to do 20 exercises a week to get the results. Focusing on proven exercises on increasing Testosterone levels is the best way. Below is the 2 most powerful arsenal you can use.

Weight lifting is the best form of exercise to increase your T level. Dead lift and squat are the best exercise to be done if you want strong legs and core. These two exercise is known to increase muscle mass and optimise testosterone production.

High Intensity Interval Training also called HIIT workout is another great tool. Short burst of high intensity sprint or movement is linked to increase T levels in the body.

Rest for more Testosterone!

Rest plays a vital role in recovery and getting strong. Research shows that repeated exercise without inadequate rest will hamper your body chemistry and lower testosterone.

Always follow a routine when sleeping and try to get as much rest as possible. There is no certain number of hours for sleep. But always get at least more than 5 hours of quality sleep. You should wake up feeling refreshed, energized and strong.

One study shows that lack of sleep or restricted sleep lowers T. (6) Less than 5 hours of sleep in a long run tested less testosterone level in the body.

Try to make your room dark and reduce any noise. Always make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable mattress and pillow.

If you wake up with stiff back or neck in the morning, It might be due to the wrong pillow or mattress.

You can also accelerate your testosterone with the help of supplements. Below are some of the best testosterone booster available.

Supplements to increase testosterone:

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